Consulting service

„ Search optimization based on considerations of the case-related best way“.

Together with you, we search for the best way.

To recognize the processes and to make them transparent is the best way how to achieve objectives.

Complying with the PAR basic concept, analysis, audit and data collection are the foundation how to recognize and to understand the processes.

The following issues are paramount:

1.Where am I today? (actual state analysis)

2.What is my position?

3.Which targets do I pursue?

Consulting means a positively-oriented process support under the motto „ boost the strengths and damp the weaknesses“.

In this context the professional product relating optimization should consider the social environment and intergrate it into the process.

Apart from the professional target of my consulting service, this is of importance for me to experience satisfaction and pleasure on what I do. Essential for me is to keep desire for the new and to be successful in every particular situation.

Main focus of my consulting activity:

Sensory analysis of wine, olive oil, spirituous beverages, cheese, coffee and fragrance.

My target group:

Winemakers and developers from the fields of food and beverage, sensory quality assurance, purchasing and portfolio composition as well as cosmetics industry.


Target group analysis, TCI (theme-centered interaction) and transactional analysis coaching, PAR data documentation, planning and implementation.


Satisfaction, monetary success, sustainability and ecological orientation.

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